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The Mission of the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is to effectively, ethically and professionally investigate criminal complaints and to focus on excellence in the preparation of those cases referred to the District Attorney for prosecution. The Investigation Division has numerous duties and responsibilities, including Investigation of Serious Crimes, Crimes against Senior Citizens, and Crimes against Children. The Investigators follow up reports taken by the Patrol Deputies and handle complaints from the public. For the most part these investigations are for felony crimes. This is everything from Thefts to Homicide. The Investigators also participate in the execution of Search Warrants and assist the Narcotics Agents whenever the Narcotics Unit request additional help on a case. Investigators also process crime scenes ranging from residential burglaries to homicides. When responding to a crime scene the investigators conduct a crime scene investigation, photograph and collect all evidence. Evidence is packaged and preserved. If requiring analysis, it is submitted to an appropriate laboratory facility. All Investigators attend training classes to keep up with changing laws, investigative techniques, forensic science development and many other topics. They also work closely with other investigators in and surrounding Parishes, and the District Attorney’s Office.

Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics


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The Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit is responsible for drug enforcement throughout Franklin Parish. Deputies investigate all types of drug offenses, including the purchase and distribution of cocaine and marijuana, but because of the rural environment of Franklin Parish, considerable attention is given to investigations involving the manufacture of methamphetamine and the illegal distribution of prescription medication.

To report narcotics activity, call the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 435-4505. Callers can remain anonymous.

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